Quality products, service and ideas

We supply our pastry products across the UK and the EU. Our products are supplied to wholesalers, oriental wholesalers and food manufacturers who produce ready meals for supermarket chains and restaurants.

Quality guaranteed

Our customers choose and trust Ming Foods on the basis of our quality guarantee:

  • Products that are perfect every time
  • Competitive and value for money
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Product support and innovative new ideas

What our customers say about Ming Foods

"Wai Yee Hong has been selling Ming Foods products for over 6 years now. We would recommend Ming Foods to anyone. Their products are suitable for retail consumers and for the catering industry. Their products have excellent quality control and neither I nor my customers have experienced any problems over the past 6 years. We enjoy dealing with Ming foods, and they have helped us to create great value for our consumers."

Allison Chow, Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket

"Ming Foods has always been a pleasure to work with. Great people and a high quality product range. Their Pancakes are delicious and we always use them to accompany our Medal Crispy Aromatic Duck."

Chi Yip Food Group

"The products from Ming Foods are absolutely first class. The spring roll pastry and duck pancakes are by far the best quality on the market as they really hold well. We have also been using their new double action self raising flour for all types of dim sum and steamed buns - a product that my dim sum students all want to get hold of - the shelf life and raising agent really help our Char Siu Bao's rise well. It's a real pleasure to be working with Ming Foods."

Jeremy Pang, School of Wok

"Excellent service, Excellent product range, Excellent taste. You can't ask for more from Ming Foods!"

Gary Cheung