Where tradition meets innovation

We're using innovative technology, including high-speed energy-efficient automation- to deliver Chinese pastry products with the taste, texture and quality of hand made foods - perfect every time.

30 years of innovation

We’ve been an innovative business for 30 years - since Mr & Mrs Minh first adapted a pasta roller to make their first crispy duck pancakes. Our tradition of innovation continues today in lots of different ways.

A new twist on Chinese desserts

We’re encouraging our customers to use our products in new ways - for example, filling our pancakes with red bean paste to create a delicious Chinese dessert. 

It’s a pancake and a wrap

We’re developing Ming pancakes that can be used as an alternative to tortillas in pre-prepared wraps - perfect for Hoisin Duck and other popular fillings.

Environmental awareness

in order to avoid sending the waste to the landfill we actually recycle and send it off for animal feed. 

The art of the pancake

We’re pleased and proud that London artist, Palm Sajjalasksana, has used our products to create ‘The Malai Experience’ - an art project that highlights food scarcity and food waste.